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Addon Updates (Patch 5.2)

Rhynth, Mar 5, 13 7:51 PM.
Here is a list of Addons that I know are updated as of patch 5.2 (They are also the ones that I personally use.)  Please contact me so that I can add in the ones that I DON'T use.  Note that the Updated As Of section is more or less the last time I saw an update for that addon (if I see an update, I update,) not necessarily when the addon actually updated.  This list was copied from the previous post for the sake of convenience.  Addons that are NOT yet updated for 5.2 are colored red.

Addon Name

Updated As Of

Ackis Recipe List     April 16th 2013
Atlas     March 5th 2013
AtlasLoot Enhanced     April 16th 2013
Auctioneer     November 27th 2012
Bartender4     April 1st 2013
Clique     April 1st 2013
Combo Points Redux     April 1st 2013
Deadly Boss Mods (Core)     April 16th 2013
Deadly Boss Mods (Cata)     April 16th 2013
Deadly Boss Mods (Wrath)     April 16th 2013
Deadly Boss Mods (BC/Classic)     April 16th 2013
Deadly Boss Mods (LibDataBroker)     April 16th 2013
Deadly Boss Mods (Profiles)     April 16th 2013
Deadly Boss Mods (RaidLead)     March 5th 2013
Death Note     December 21st 2012
Gatherer     April 1st 2013
Hot Candy     April 1st 2013
Mappy     April 1st 2013
Masque     April 1st 2013
Masque (Trinity)     November 27th 2012
MikScrollingBattleText     April 16th 2013
Omen Threat Meter     December 21st 2012
Raven     April 1st 2013
Skada Damager Meter     April 1st 2013
Skada HealAbsorbs     January 30th 2013
TargetCharms     September 18th 2012
Titan Panel     April 1st 2013
WIM (WoW Instant Messager) v3     April 16th 2013
XLoot     April 1st 2013
X-Perl Unit Frames     April 16th 2013

Welcome to Shattered Dreams on Skullcrusher!

Chimaeron Down 7-25-2011

Shattered Dreams is a Casual Social / Raiding guild located Horde side on the Skullcrusher server.  We have a very light and stress free official raiding schedule consisting of Sunday and Monday starting from 9:30pm through 12:30am server time.  Saturday nights may consist of pre-Cataclysm raids and/or achievement runs.

Shattered Dreams was founded August 2nd 2008 with the pretense of providing an engaging and fun environment for all players whether their interests lay with Raiding, PvP, or simply a place to hang out and chat.  Although, we identify as a Raiding guild, due to our casual nature, raiding is not a requirement for membership itself.  Shattered Dreams has a dual ranking system: Social for those interested in simply being a part of the guild, PvP, etc.; and Raiding for those interested in the more challenging aspects of the PvE portion of the game.  Players with little or no interest in raiding are just as welcome in our Social roster as players interested in seeing the more advanced content (Requirements for being part of the Raiding roster are listed in the Raid Policies in our Guild Information pane on this website as well as in the Raid Forum.)

Shattered Dreams is lead primarily by its Officer Council which meets regularly to discuss topics such as Guild Direction, Member Issues, etc.  Policies are discussed by Junior Officers, Officers, and the Guild Leader, and decided via majority vote of the Guild Officers.  Guild members range in age from 16 to 50, professions from entrepreneur to customer service and management to military, and locations from west to east coast North America as well as abroad.

Shattered Dreams features its own private Ventrilo server with channels dedicated to Raiding, Battleground or Arena PvP, or simply general chat.  We also have a full in-game Guild Bank available to members based on their rank, as well as two auxillery banks where we hold a stock of materials which are used to craft supplies and gear enhancements for guild use, as well as for profit in order to provide a repair fund for our members.

Shattered Dreams prides itself on providing a fun and engaging experience for Horde players on the Skullcrusher server.  If you have an interest in joining our guild for the raid roster, please apply using this application located in our Application Forum as well as speak to any of our Officer Council listed below, otherwise message someone from our guild in-game for an invite to our social roster.

Shattered Dreams Officer Council
(Bold denotes Voting Member.  Alternate characters listed in italics)

Guild Leader - Rhynth, Maldindwu, Smerhan, Direbane
Treasurer - Deadgrl, Lucrela
Officer - Sueflay, Harrysach, Lustforblood, Grimmcnasty
Officer - Pauris, Monoko, Aennesh, Jaymi
Officer - Mizree, Amberrose, Rubyrose
Junior Officer - Nami, Pretre, Hexerei, Adeline

Member Awards
No guild medals have been awarded in the past 30 days.
Members Online
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Recruiting Info
Shattered Dreams is currently recruiting the following:
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Feral (6)
Protection (3)
Retribution (1)
Assassination (1)
Combat (1)
Elemental (1)
Enhancement (4)
Restoration (1)
Affliction (1)
Demonology (1)
Destruction (1)
Arms (2)
Fury (2)
Protection (3)
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